Soni Lacefield

Soni Lacefield

Associate Professor, Biology


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, 2003-2008
  • Ph.D., MIT, 2003


Falk JE, Tsuchiya D, Verdaasdonk J, Lacefield S, Bloom K, Amon, A. Spatial signals link exit from mitosis to spindle positionElife 5. pii:e14036 (2016)

Yang Y, Tsuchiya D, and Lacefield, SBub3 promotes Cdc20-dependent activation of the APC/C in S. cerevisiaeJournal of Cell Biology 209(4): 519-527 (2015).
This paper was featured in the JCB Biobytes podcast.

Ho KH, Tsuchiya D, Oliger AC, and Lacefield, SLocalization and function of budding yeast CENP-A depends on kinetochore protein interactions and is independent of canonical centromere sequenceCell Reports 9(6): 2027-2033 (2014).
This paper was recommended by F1000.

Tsuchiya D, Yang Y, and Lacefield, SPositive feedback of NDT80 expression ensures irreversible meiotic commitment in budding yeastPLOS Genetics 10 (6): e1004398 (2014).

Tsuchiya D and Lacefield, SCdk1 modulation ensures the coordination of cell-cycle events during the switch from meiotic prophase to mitosisCurrent Biology 23 1505-1513 (2013).

Tsuchiya D, Gonzalez C, and Lacefield, SThe spindle checkpoint protein Mad2 regulates APC/C activity during prometaphase and metaphase of meiosis I in S. cerevisiaeMolecular Biology of the Cell 22 (16): 2848-2861 (2011). This paper was chosen for “Highlights in MBoC” by the editorial board.
This paper was recommended by F1000.

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