An innovative, interdisciplinary degree

The field of life sciences is advancing, both in breadth and depth. Our understanding of the biological mechanisms that make life possible has expanded with new research and innovative technologies. To keep up with the rapid pace of changes in life sciences, IU has created a new degree path in Molecular Life Sciences (MLS).

Modern life sciences are more focused on interdisciplinary approaches between fields, including biology, chemistry, medicine, and biotechnology. Grounded in these classic science disciplines, our degree draws on recent advances in cellular, molecular, and structural biology. Our curriculum provides students with a molecular perspective on living systems with an emphasis on the relationships between mechanism and disease.

Choose from two concentrations

Our dual-concentration program (you can choose Molecular and Structural Biology or Developmental and Cellular Biology) is designed to serve undergraduate students with plans to go on to graduate school in the sciences. This major is ideal for students on their way to medical school, dental school, veterinary school, or a Ph.D. in the molecular life sciences.