Developmental & Cellular Biology Concentration

Developmental + Cellular Biology concentration

Our Developmental and Cellular Biology concentration is designed for students who are interested in exciting topics in cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, and molecular biology. The course sequence offers both introductory and advanced level courses in each of these disciplines. You will learn how individual cells function, how they interact with their neighbors, and how a single cell grows and develops into a fully functional adult. Our course instructors conduct cutting-edge research in these fields and bring a modern perspective of these topics into the classroom.

In this concentration, you will be exposed to breakthrough advances that have been made using a variety of experimental systems including bacteria, yeast, nematodes, fruit flies, frogs, mice, and plants (just to name a few). Basic principles of cell and developmental biology that have been uncovered with these model systems are coupled with an understanding of how deviations in normal function lead to human disease. Molecular mechanisms of human disorders and diseases will be an important element of the Developmental and Cellular Biology concertation.

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