Pursue the MLS degree

Current IU students

If you are currently a major in Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Chemistry, or Human Biology, you must have the academic background and coursework needed to transfer into the Molecular Life Sciences program. Many of the lower level courses required for the MLS degree are also required or recommended within these other majors. In order to complete the academic sequence in a reasonable amount of time, it is best that you transfer into the MLS program as soon as possible. It is important that interested students first speak with an academic advisor to be clear about the impact of switching into the MLS degree.

Incoming freshmen

If you are an incoming freshman student interested in Molecular Life Sciences, you are highly encouraged to challenge yourself with rigorous Biology and Chemistry offerings in high school. You should complete Freshman Chemistry (CHEM-C 117) and Biology (BIOL-L-112) in your first year at IU and take Molecular Biology (BIOL-L 211) in your second year, ideally in the Fall semester. Please contact MLS advisors early to facilitate long-range course planning.

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Amy Craft

Joyce Downing 

Carrie Fudickar

Libby Tilghman 

Leah Turner