Molecular & Structural Biology Concentration

Molecular + Structural Biology concentration

Our Molecular and Structural Biology concentration helps you develop a contemporary, mechanistic understanding of living systems. In this concentration, you'll build a strong foundation in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. You will apply molecular and structural approaches to understand protein metabolism, learn about nucleic acid metabolism and epigenetic regulation, and explore bioinformatic approaches to characterizing biomolecules. Advanced course topics, such as signal transduction to understand how information flows in cells, will further you're understanding of the field.

You'll learn how breakthrough technologies, such as Cryo-EM, RNAseq, bioinformatics, and whole genome sequencing, have impacted virtually every aspect of modern life sciences research. You'll develop a synthetic, molecular understanding of living systems, which will allow you to form connections between mutations, their impacts on physiology, and their implications for human diseases.

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