Molecular Mechanisms Of Cancer

MLS-M 450

Hengyao Niu
Course Description

Obtain a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms represented by the-loss-of growth control of cells and their invasive growth into surrounding tissues. Treatment of cancer remains to be a major challenge for current biomedical research. In this class, we will cover the molecular basis of cancer with a focus on how genome instability leads to tumorigenesis and how different DNA repair pathways coordinate with DNA replication to maintain a stable genome. The action mechanisms and the disease relevance of key enzymes will be discussed in detail. We will discuss currently available therapeutic treatments of cancer, including the utilization of DNA damaging agents and DNA replication toxins in chemotherapies and recent progress of cancer immunotherapy. Emphasis will be given to how the genomic information from patients can aid in development of targeted therapies.

Textbook and supplementary materials
  • Textbook: The biology of cancer, by Robert A. Weinberg;
  • Additional Reading: Cancer Medicine, by Bast RC Jr.,
  • (free access)
  • DNA repair sessions will be supplemented by additional pdf resources.